Frequently Asked Questions – Vailstream


CuLink is able to work with any USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination. When you connect the device you have the choice to turn off the virtual keyboard. You can disable the virtual keyboard by left clicking on “Settings” first.


Left click “Language & input” and left click on “Default” (Under Keyboard & Input Methods).


Left click on the “OFF” switch to toggle physical keyboard on/off and disable/enable the virtual keyboard.

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iOS- Apple devices: we recommend downloading Mirroring 360 onto CuLink and then downloading the accompanying Mirroring 360 App onto your iPhone/ iPad. Android-CuLink already comes preinstalled with Miracast. Vailstream recommends to download Allcast on your Android Device. In order to use mirroring make sure that you have set up and tethered your device to the CuLink’sTethering and Portable Hotspot. Click here if you’re unsure on how to set up Tethering and Portable Hotspot.

CuLink features Tethering and Portable Hotspot capabilities. Click the left mouse button at the home screen on the SETTING symbol and a new window will open up. On the left hand side, slick the left mouse button on “MORE” and the right half of the screen will show Tethering and Portable Hotspot.


You are able to activate Portable Wi-Fi hotspot from the screen below.


From here, left clicking on “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot” will allow you to change the name and set up a secure password.



After you have set up your Wi-Fi hotspot, you can save it.

Your CuLink device should already be paired in the box. The Netcomm BPL adaptor has a pairing button next to the Ethernet cable socket whilst CuLink has its pairing button on the base of the unit. If you are having challenges pairing your unit, please call 1300-285-465.

CuLink already comes preinstalled with several Apps. In order to download Apps, left click the “APPLICATION” symbol on the home screen and then select Play Store. You are able to view popular Apps and even search for a specific App. This is what your screen should look like after you have opened the Google Play Store.


You are able to left click on APPS to access, or alternatively, left click on the search button.


There are numerous free App’s and for paid App’s you can utilize a Google Play gift card, available at numerous retailers, or alternate options are available such as credit card and PayPal.

The preinstalled web browser is sufficient for most browsing on the internet. However for certain websites that require flash support, Vailstream recommends Puffin Browser or Photon Flash & Web Browser. You can download either of these Apps for free through Play Store.

The Wi-Fi button, which is on the top hand side under the SETTINGS symbol, should be always turned off. You are using the Ethernet over power line which will provide CuLink and your other devices with a direct connection to the internet. The Wi-Fi should only be turned on when CuLink is used to connect to a wireless Hotspot, wireless Internet or you are using your phone as a Tethering Hotspot. You would use it if you are not connected with a modem/ router directly, which is providing through ADSL2+, Cable or NBN internet connection. (i.e. campervan, hotel room, holiday home, boat and etc.). When you turn your Wi-Fi on, your Tethering and Portable Hotspot will turn off and all your settings in the Tethering and Portable Hotspot will be reset.