About CuLink – Vailstream

What is CuLink?

The CuLink is your solution to home connectivity! Built on a customized open Android 4.2.2 Jellybean ROM platform. The innovative device has the functionality of a tablet along with Gigabit Ethernet data transfer rates and all the extras to make any home or business multi functional and enjoy the flexibility of multimedia on any screen which has a VGA or HDMI port.

Based on an Android platform CuLink is much more than just a streaming device. Connect to any screen to create a Smart TV.

Download Play Store App’s and create your personalised system streaming Pandora Radio, Netflix, YouTube, social media, news, download games, office suite and more.

Great for Skype and conferencing, file sharing, presentations and displaying photos or videos from connected devices.

CuLink also has a 4.7 GB internal memory and a Micro SD memory card slot along with dual USB 2.0 ports and VGA, HDMI, earphone/speaker and optic sound outputs.

Ethernet connectivity with 1 Gb/s transfer rates along with BPL compatibility and the ability to tether with Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot will eliminate dead zones in your home or office network.  

With the availability of BPL technology and high speed internet, CuLink by Vailstream was created to develop a niche product that will become a household necessity. In our rapidly expanding wired world of mobile smart phones, smart TV’s and overall increasing household and office connectivity requirements Vailstream noted a need to interface our lives with our technology effectively at the highest possible speeds.

CuLink was born out of a discussion regarding internet speeds which concluded that no matter how fast your internet service is provided to your door step (NBN), your actual data transfer speeds are limited by the speed of your modem and/or wireless router internally.


Vailstream created the CuLink to utilize BPL technology (broadband over power line). Besides resolving the data speed issues, the CuLink provides an Android driven system that functions much like a tablet allowing PLAYSTORE downloads, video streaming, file sharing and networking capabilities utilising the on board Ethernet, WIFI hotspot and Bluetooth systems.

 What is BPL?

 BPL stands for broadband over power line which utilizes existing standard home or workplace electrical wiring making every plug point a broadband terminal. Simply stated, your home/office wiring substitutes for Ethernet cabling or wireless routing by “piggy backing” data through the normal electrical wiring system jumping circuits and phases seamlessly.
This is safe, efficient and will not interfere with the electrical operation of anything. BPL is a great way to extend your data range without losing data transmission speed as current systems operate at 500Mbps. BPL standards are maintained by the HomePlug Alliance organisation.
A standard BPL unit consists of an adapter that connects your internet signal into the electrical wiring and one or more receivers that can be plugged into an electrical outlet anywhere on the system. Each receiver typically has an Ethernet port for connection to your device. 

Customer Testimonials

Angus: CuLink provides all the home connectivity and complexity to meet my family’s needs. I even use one at the office.

Alice: My CuLink by Vailstream is great! I can finally watch Netflix on my big TV and work on my laptop at the same time. 

Fiona: My kids love the ability to connect to NetFlix and their favourite apps.

Scott: CuLink is so versatile! Great for connecting with anything, games for the kids, Netflix for the family and Facebook I can see!