Vailstream – by CuLink

CuLink by Vailstream

The CuLink provides a network solution for your home connectivity

With the availability of BPL technology and high speed internet, CuLink was created by Vailstream to develop a niche product that has become a household necessity. In our rapidly expanding wired world of mobile smart phones, smart TV’s and overall increasing household and office connectivity requirements Vailstream noted a need to interface our lives with our technology effectively at the highest possible speeds.

CuLink was born out of a discussion regarding internet speeds which concluded that no matter how fast your internet service is provided to your door step (NBN), your actual data transfer speeds are limited by the speed of your modem and/or wireless router internally.


Don’t run your laptop or home PC continuously to stream media.
Connect with CuLink in your home or office today.
All the functions of an Android tablet with cutting edge connectivity.
Connect to any television or monitor using HDMI or VGA to create an Android device with endless possibilities.
Tether CuLink with any smart phone device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Download Play Store Apps including Netflix, Skype, Youtube, Games & more to create your own personalised system.
Stream downloaded or stored media, share files, connect your home and business to the IoT (Internet of Things).
Be prepared for the proliferation of interconnection to come as household appliances evolve.


CuLink is great for the office!
With the ability to connect and browse the web, utilise Office Suite and a world of App’s, Skype for conference calls, 1Gb data transfer rates and tethering with smart phones and devices, creating presentations with interactive potential, CuLink is the solution!